Aperto door operators - the right drive for every gate

APERTO is one of the leading suppliers of radio-controlled automatic door openers. With our wide range of Aperto products you can make the perfect choice for garage doors, sliding gates and swing gates.

The highest product quality, durable technology and convincing ease of use have delighted our customers for more than 20 years:
Rainy weather, it’s only 50 metres to your garage. You shudder at the thought of getting out of your warm, dry car to open the garage door. Does this sound familiar?

Yet life is so easy with an APERTO garage door opener! You stay in your vehicle, press the button on your APERTO radio hand transmitter and your garage door opens. Once inside the garage, you leave your car dry, press the inside button included in the delivery and enter your house while the 3-minute light from your APERTO garage door opener goes out.

Quality “Made in Germany”.