Are you looking for a video intercom that you can easily install, operate and expand? Then FACILA NEXT is perfect for you!

Product range

A two-wire video intercom system that can be installed quickly and easily with the cabling of the existing system. Moreover, this design fits into any interior and thanks to digital communication you also get excellent sound and image quality. At Seculux you will also find all accessories to expand this intercom system according to your own wishes!

Choose more safety

The best guarantee for safety? Videophone of Facila neXt! Increase the view of the garden, home or business with additional surveillance cameras. You can easily expand this system in a modular way. Start with a basic kit and then expand your intercom system with all the necessary accessories.

For each his own

Seculux offers intercom systems that are not only equipped with modern functionalities, but are also user-friendly and plug & play ready.
For example, you can have multiple indoor stations communicate with each other indoors thanks to the intercom function. Or address all visitors with the telephone interface. This transfers calls to a mobile phone or landline and creates the impression that someone is always present. This way you can grant remote access to your visitors.

With the video intercom you automatically take photos or video fragments of all visitors. The internal memory stores up to 118 photos at the time of creation.

Facila neXt meets the needs of the most demanding customers!