Seculux has a wide range of remote controls with the bidirectional radio system SOMloq2. These are extremely secure remote controls with 128 bit AES encryption, a system that cannot be copied! The Seculux remote controls have a longer range with a range up to 150 meters more.

Product Range

An extensive range of remote controls with the unique SOMloq2 system. Do you prefer to control devices with a wireless push button, fingerprint reader or code keyboard? Or maybe you are looking for a module to use a mobile phone as a remote control? You will also find them here .

GSM remote control

Want to operate a garage door, alarm system, heating, anytime and anywhere in the world? Which can. In the product range you will find a module with which you can use a mobile phone as a remote control. You can remotely open a garage door, hinged or sliding gate, start a heating system, or switch an alarm on or off … How exactly does it work? Call the number of the GSM module for free or use the handy app. More information about this module can be found here

Maximum security thanks to the Rolling code

To operate garage doors, sliding & hinged gates remotely, Seculux only sells remote controls with a changing code or rolling code. Transmitters with a rolling code are extremely safe because the code changes after every use. Copying a used code is pointless since every transmitted code is used only once.

Remote controls with time control

In the range you will also find remote controls with time control. Quickly and easily set when automated products should be activated. This way you can simulate presence so that it seems as if someone is always at home. An extra safe choice if often nobody is present in the home or office.

Operate garage doors, shutters, hinged gates, … individually or together

Automated garage doors, shutters, hinged gates, sliding gates, sun blinds, … can be equipped with a remote control to increase comfort and safety.

Seculux remote controls have one or more channels, depending on the choice. Each channel can be linked to one or more automated products and can be operated individually or together. This way you not only control garage doors, but also shutters and blinds with a single remote control.