Information on using pay number 0903-15510


Service provider Seculux NV, Meerkensstraat 69, 3650 Lanklaar
KBO number 0473.472.374
Description of the service Consumer telephone helpdesk
URLs used by the service
Price of the service €1.25 per minute. Max 10 minutes.
Contact details E-mail: or tel: 089 79 06 30
Description of the service According to the Act of 22 September 2017 (published in the Moniteur belge on 12 September 2017), which amends the Act of 13/06/2015 on electronic communications, and in accordance with the new Article 116/1, any third party using a payment number is obliged to publish the following data through the central register
Start and end date of service Not applicable
The data listed above that were applicable during the last 6 months, if they differ from the current data. Not applicable