SOMMER HFL Technology

Thanks to the HFL technology from SOMMER, you can open the memory of the radio receiver(s) by using a previously learned transmitter. Once the memory is open, you can easily add a new transmitter.

HFL technology allows all radio receivers, which are in range of the learned transmitter, to open their memory simultaneously. You then program the new transmitters into all radio receivers simultaneously.

How to use the HFL technology?

Please note! The handheld transmitters used must be identical (both Pearl or both Pearl Vibe).

Please note! Pearl Twin handheld transmitters do not support HFL technology!

Press the first two buttons (1 and 2) of the already learned transmitter (A) for six seconds.
The memory of the radio receiver is opened.

Press any button (3) of the new transmitter (B).
The transmitter will be stored in the memory of the radio receiver(s).

Attention! The memory of all radio receivers within the range of the previously programmed transmitter will be opened.

In this way, transmitters are quickly and easily added to the installations of your customers.